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Biology Kits for the Next Generation of Scientists

BioBits educational kits bring synthetic and molecular biology experiments into K-12 classrooms.read more


DFA Students Innovate For and With the Next Generation

The 2018 Leadership Studio brought together more than 100 students from across the country.read more


Regenerative Bandage Accelerates Healing in Diabetic Wounds

Guillermo Ameer's shape-conforming hydrogel leverages the body’s own healing mechanisms.read more


Are You Average, Reserved, Self-Centered, or a Role Model?

Luis Amaral’s comprehensive data analysis finds four types of personalities, dispelling established paradigm.read more


Northwestern to Establish Quantitative Biology Research Center

Funded by NSF and the Simons Foundation, the center will apply mathematics to understand developmental biology.read more

Whole-brain Engineering

It takes a different way of thinking to connect disparate fields, put big ideas into action, solve global problems, and imagine what’s next. It takes left-brain analytical skills. It takes right-brain creativity.

It takes whole-brain engineering.

Join us as we take the world in a whole new direction.

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