Personal and professional development resources ensure students are prepared for what and who they want to be.Personal and professional development resources ensure students are prepared for what and who they want to be.

Undergraduate Study
Personal and Career Development

Throughout your academic career at McCormick, you will receive continual support in all areas from our advising network to ensure you become a well-rounded engineer and a well-rounded person.

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Academic Advising

As a first-year student, you will be matched with a staff member in the McCormick Advising System who will help you navigate the beginning of your studies and ensure your academic career has a strong start.

Once you have declared your major, you are paired with a faculty member in your department or field who can provide you with ongoing support throughout your studies.

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Personal Development

McCormick and Northwestern are invested in the personal growth of each student. Throughout your studies, you can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities to gain the skills and experiences that meet your personal development goals.

The Office of Personal Development can help you explore available growth opportunities – both academic and extracurricular – and engage in experiences that will transform you into a whole-brain engineer.

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International Programs

Traveling, studying, and working abroad provide powerful opportunities for students to stretch themselves and gain new insights into other cultures and the complex global problems that affect us all.

In order to be effective in a global environment, McCormick urges its students to prepare to engage with the world as a whole, and to take advantage of the programs Northwestern offers in these areas.

Global Initiatives

Offered exclusively for freshmen and sophomores, this heavily subsidized two-week immersion program highlights the global relevance of an engineering degree at three different destinations, Germany, Israel, and Taiwan, visiting industry and academic institutions researching sustainability, water, and innovation, respectively.

Global Engineering Treks

Global Initiatives enables students, faculty, and alumni to explore, experience and engage with global scholarly activities anchored by McCormick programs and initiatives.

Global Learning Office

Study Abroad is a student’s gateway to doing academic work at institutions of higher learning anywhere in the world.

Co-operative Engineering Education Program

Overseas externships might also be arranged for students employed through the Co-operative Engineering Education Program if their employers have operations abroad.

Foreign language study

Foreign language study through the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences provides formal, for-credit coursework in some 23 different languages. Language coursework can be applied to a McCormick degree as part of the Social Science/Humanities Theme Requirement or as Unrestricted Electives.

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Career Development

As you consider your career goals, McCormick will help you gain the skills, experience, and connections for your next step.

McCormick offers undergraduates individual career advising as well as opportunities to develop hands-on workplace experience in tandem with on-campus studies. This provides an important advantage as you begin your professional career.

Engineering Career Development (ECD)

The primary focus of Engineering Career Development (ECD) is to enhance each student’s unique career plan. ECD offers both students and employers a mutually beneficial means of connecting in the world beyond the classroom.

ECD provides career preparation and employment assistance for:

  • Cooperative Education
  • Internships
  • Research Experience
  • Service Learning
  • First destinations after graduation

Co-op Program

ECD administers the Walter P. Murphy Cooperative Engineering Education (Co-op) Program, which allows you alternate periods of academic study with full-time periods of paid work experience related to your academic and professional goals.

Business Enterprise Certificate

Through a combination of internship experience and business coursework, the Business Enterprise Certificate program improves your ability to make a contribution in the workplace as soon as possible after finishing your McCormick degree. Please note that this certificate program is not offered to new students beginning in Fall 2019.