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Association for Higher Education Administrators’ Development (AHEAD)

AHEAD@NU helps Northwestern University staff (from PA’s to VP’s) establish and fulfill their academic, career, personal and social objectives. Additionally, it helps them meet and exceed the challenges they’ll encounter in the pursuit of those goals.

All NU staff members interested in learning more about the field of higher education, people hoping to network within the NU community, and those seeking professional development opportunities.

Association of Northwestern University Women (ANUW)

ANUW is committed to encouraging and supporting all women in administration at Northwestern University interested in professional development.

Any woman staff member

HR Workplace Learning and Professional Development

Workplace learning opportunities are offered by the Learning & Organization Development team, which provides consulting, coaching, workshops, retreats and tools for individuals, groups and organizations.

All NU faculty and staff

Northwestern University Research Administration Professionals (NURAP)

NURAP brings together NU staff from across the university with the aim of improving institutional cohesiveness in research administration and fostering professional excellence among its members.

All NU staff interested in sponsored research administration

Northwestern University Black Professionals Network (NUBPN)

NUBPN strives to build community through our shared experiences to foster open dialogue, leadership and mentorship that will improve the NU black professional experience.

All full‐time African American or Black professional staff

The Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council (NUSAC)

NUSAC serves as an advisory voice and change‐agent for Northwestern staff in matters relating to community development, professional opportunities and workplace concerns. This is accomplished through active engagement with staff, the University President, the Office of Human Resources and/or various senior administrators.

All NU staff


Northwestern Unidos: Latinx Professionals Coalition provides a space for staff of Latin American ancestry or solidarity to develop opportunities for engagement as it relates to their professional experience at Northwestern University.

All staff of Latin American ancestry

Women's Center

Northwestern University Women's Center is dedicated to fostering a campus climate that promotes equity and enriches the personal, professional and academic lives of all members of the University community, particularly women students, staff and faculty. To this end, the Women’s Center also provides personal development programs, career counseling, interview coaching, and guidance on salary negotiation.

All NU staff