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Abraham H. Haddad

Professor Emeritus


2311 Campus Drive
Tech Room M382
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-8175Email Abraham Haddad


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Communications and Networking Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Interests

Stochastic hybrid systems; channel allocation for multiple services digital networks; estimation, detection, and filtering of hybrid and nonlinear systems; applications to communications networks and manufacturing control; singular perturbation theory

Selected Publications

  • J Ezzine, AH Haddad, “On largest Lyapunov exponent assignment and almost sure stabilization of hybrid systems”, American Control Conference, 1989, (2009)
  • S Abdi, A Boubakeur, A Haddad, “Influence of thermal ageing on transformer oil properties”, IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids, 2008. ..., (2008)
  • M Albano, A Haddad, H Griffiths, P Coventry, “Air insulated compact substations”, Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2008. UPEC 2008. ..., (2008)
  • ... R Rashedin, S Venkatesan, A Haddad, H Griffiths, N ..., “Lightning performance of 275 kV transmission lines”, Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2008. UPEC 2008. ..., (2008)
  • Kostas, T. A.; Haddad, A. H.; Lee, C. C., “Performance analysis of a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for a mixed traffic TDMA network.”, Ieee Transactions on Vehicular Technology, (2007)