First-Year Students
Registration Information

Registration Tip Sheet 

Registration Holds 

Students should check their CAESAR account for registration holds well in advance of their registration appointment to avoid any delays once enrollment begins.  Please keep in mind that there are many types of holds and the majority are not managed by the Undergraduate Engineering Office.  You can view details on a hold, information on required steps for that hold to be lifted, and details on which department oversees that hold in CAESAR.  

First-Year Course Enrollment Information

First Year Registration information will be posted before the start of Fall Quarter.

Information for Rising Sophomores 

Special Permission for Enrolling in Classes  

Classes are managed by the department that houses the course.  If you need special permission to enroll in a course, please reach out to the corresponding department for assistance.  Contact information for the departments is listed on their websites.

Engineering Analysis 3 (EA 3) Trailer

Listing in CAESAR: GEN_ENG 205-3

This trailer if offered for McCormick students who still need to complete EA 3. The class does not require a permission number to enroll. Please fill out this form if you have difficulty registering for EA3.

Engineering Analysis 4 (EA 4)

Listing in CAESAR: GEN_ENG 205-4

At your enrollment time, if you believe you have a special circumstance that necessitates enrolling in a currently closed section of EA 4, please submit your request at this link. You must be signed into your NU email to access it.

We will accommodate requests where possible but must stay within the enrollment limits for each section and, unfortunately, cannot guarantee we will grant every request.  Students who have submitted requests will be notified regarding whether a seat is available.